Aci Castello and Acitrezza

Move and explore in freedom!

Just a few meters from the campsite, which can be reached with a stroll on foot or by bicycle both during the day and evening, is the town of Aci Castello, which takes its name from the Norman castle once completely surrounded by the sea and now the home of the Civic Museum.
Acitrezza is a fishing village, fraction of Aci Castello, whose landscape is dominated by the sea stacks that inspired the myth of Polifemo and Ulysses. The whole area of ​​the Cyclops Islands is a protected marine area for the protection of animal and plant species that can be admired.
Canoeing, sailing, snorkelling trips are also organized, also together with the Etna guided tour.
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Points of interest

• Inizio lungomare di Aci Castello
• Castello Normanno
• Isole dei ciclopi (faraglioni)
• Casa del Nespolo
• Capo Mulini
• Acireale