Siracusa, Ortigia and Noto

Move and explore in freedom!

Siracusa, UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its natural beauty and cultural artistic heritage accumulated from the Greek Age to the Renaissance and Baroque period. In addition to the magnificent baroque buildings that can be admired in the historic center and on Ortigia Island with the shining Maniace Castle, the Neapolis Archaeological Park is of great interest, including the magnificent Greek theatre, the Roman amphitheatre and the great Altar of Hieron, as well as several valuable archaeological sites located near the city.
The guided tours, which conveniently depart from the campsite, also include tastings of local products and the visit of Noto, another pearl of Sicilian baroque with light and lively colors, as opposed to that of Catania characterized by dark lava stone.
These beautiful places can also be reached by regular buses that depart almost every hour from the station 3 km from the campsite or by car (which you can easily rent at the campsite) by the fast motorway to discover the treasures of this land in freedom.
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Points of Interest

• Neapolis Archaeological Park
• Paolo Orsi Museum
• Island of Ortigia
• Cassibile Quarry of the Great
•  Necropoli di Pantalica
•  Palazzo Acreide
•  Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime
•  Noto